La carte


Assorted meat delicacies bresaola, Veneto salami, pepperoni, roast beef, contantino salami, olives, dry-cured tomatoes         650р.
Cheese plate Dor blue, goat cheese, Asiago, Parmesan, mozzarella, figs, dried apricots and pear jelly        630р.
Salted salmon with soft-ripened cheese and slices of crisp cucumber, served with homemade bread        590р.
Chicken liver pate in cherry glaze with homemade bread and onion marmalade        260р.
Beet carpaccio with sheep cheese mousse with walnut and mint sauce        210р.
Whole olives        80р.
Dry-cured tomatoes       150р.
Air-dried turkey       180р.
Potato pancake with salmon       390р.
Grilled eggplant baked with cheese and tomato sauce       320р.
Mushroom julienne       210р.
Warm grilled vegetable salad  with fresh cranberries 350р.


Sandwich with brynza on homemade bread fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, pesto sauce       230р.
Sandwich with roast beef on homemade bread roast beef, champignons in cream, mix of lettuce, spicy sauce       390р.
Club sandwich with French fries chicken fillet, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce leaves, egg, mayonnaise       430р.
Classic burger with French fries 450р.
Set of four bruschetta tuna tartar, shrimp, cherry tomatoes with pesto, salmon 550р.


Greek salad fresh vegetables with feta cheese and balsamic dressing       290р.
Salad with falafel pickled beets and nut sauce       310р.
Waldorf salad with turkey apple and walnut       330р.
Salad with tongue and fried oyster mushrooms       370р.
Salad with roast beef mushrooms and baked paprika       450р.
Caesar salad with chicken       370р.
Caesar salad with shrimps       450р.
Salad with squid, pumpkin and orange 350р.
Nicoise salad canned tuna, fresh beans, mixed salad, quail egg, potatoes, cherry tomatoes
Tuna and white beans salad 480р.
Salad with duck breast and quinoa 390р.


Borsch and sour cream (smetana)        350р.
Tomato soup served with croutons and cheese        250р.
Mushroom soup with grits and sour cream (smetana)        270р.
Saltwort        370р.
Codfish  soup salmon, zander, zucchini, cherry, cauliflower        350р.
Finnish fish soup with cream  510р.

Main course

Beef tenderloin with bulgur 650р.
Striploin steak 850р.
Beef Stroganoff with baked potatoes 590р.
Pork ribs BBQ 490р.
Pork medallions with potatoes and creamy mustard sauce 450р.
Lamb kebab with potatoes 530р.
Fillet of salmon fillet with spinach 630р.
Pike cutlets served with mashed potatots and spinach 450р.
Turkey steak served with quinoa and cowberry sauce 450р.
Duck breast with pumpkin puree and cherry sauce 560р.
Half chicken with grilled vegetables 480р.
Chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes 420р.
Chicken breast sous-vide with spinach, corn and tarragon sauce 430р.
Zucchini spaghetti with chicken meatballs 400р.
Chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a sauce of leek 440р.


Penne with pickled eggplants in tomato sauce       350р.
Fettuccine with mushroom mix       390р.
Spaghetti Carbonara       410р.
Penne with beef, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes       460р.
Fettuccine with salmon       490р.
Risotto with seafood       450р.
Risotto with bacon, harmoy and brie cheese 410р.
Lasagne 420р.


Our bread and butter       110р.


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